Greenhouse shading and ventilation customized individually

Light is provided by the sun – we regulate the amount you need. Our products include everything you need for the regulation of your greenhouse climate. All of our products can be delivered as either single parts or as an entire system customized to your greenhouse and your crops.

Greenhouse shades

Optimize your growing conditions and save energy with suspended or lay flat greenhouse shade systems.

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Roll-up screens and side ventilation

We can customize every aspect of your roll-up screen to your specification - from the size, type of drive and type of shade cloth.

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Shade cloth

Choose suitable shade cloth for horizontal greenhouse shades and roll-up screens. We offer many types with different characteristics.

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Provide your plantings with fresh air. Our ventilation systems improve the air circulation and the climate of your greenhouse.

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Whether you are looking for a tube motor, a gear motor or a manual gear, we provide the perfect drive for your shading or ventilation system.

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Cords and wires

Be sure that your shading and ventilation system are well constructed and flexible. Use our long-lasting, dependable cords and wires for mounting and drives.

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Aluminium profiles and tubes

For construction purposes or for shading and ventilation systems, we provide a variety of tubes and aluminium profiles.

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Parts and tools

For the construction and repair of greenhouse shading and ventilation, we offer high quality tools, parts, smart helpers and small devices.

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