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Thomas Wörmer is your partner concerning all questions in the field of:
Steel wire and cords.

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Stainless steel wire and cable for shading systems

By using TGU wire and cable you will gain a reliable and long lasting shading system. Our products are of the very highest quality – strong, durable and dependable.

If you are searching for a suitable shading or ventilation system, we’re sure to have everything you need, from individual components to complete systems. Our experienced staff will answer your questions concerning any of our products.

Rufen Sie uns anCall us for a personal consultation: +49 25 75 - 95 58 718

From steel wire for drives to cable for shade cloth installation

We provide wire and cable for a wide range of greenhouse applications:

  • poly wire for installation of lay flat shading systems
  • stainless steel wire for installation of suspended shading systems
  • stainless steel wire for drive systems in greenhouses
  • cable for shade cloth mounting

Within our product line you will also find a wide variety of fasteners and clips. 

Development of horticultural and greenhouse supplies

Most of our parts and components for shading and ventilation systems, as well as our specialized products for horticultural supplies, are Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fenstermanufactured in-house at our injection molding facility in Greven (near Münster) Germany. Because of this we understand our products in detail. Any items not produced on our own assembly-line are carefully chosen from reliable suppliers.